To qualify to the speed lists of the run must be in compliance with Best Practice for Valid GPS Speed-Runs. The run needs to be uploaded to a public platform/group, such as youtube, facebook etc. Runs uploaded through the facebook page will be applicable as well. A run can be submitted for qualification via contact formular or direct mail to and our team will review the footage and add it to the applicable lists when relevant. 

Best Practice for Valid GPS Speed Runs

For results to qualify for, you must comply with the guidelines below:

Speed Run Video Documentation Procedure

  1. Clearly show the GPS unit(s) max speed data field beeing zeroed or as a minimum, lower than that, of the final result.
  2. Perform the GPS Speed Run while keeping the model in view of the camera (avoid zooming or cutting the video)
  3. Clearly show the GPS or display unit(s)* with the final result from the max speed data field.
    • Additionally – to qualify for ARTR GPS Speed Lists the video must clearly show the original motor, esc and power trim (struts/stingers) of the model.


If no abnormalities (such as blow overs, spinouts or crashes etc.) the GPS Speed Run result can be considered compliant. When using more than one GPS unit, the highest reading result can be used (link).

* When using units without a dedicated display, like the SkyRC GSM020, the live data feedback between the GPS unit and the app needs to be shown to respond to movement of the model while in close proximity, when the model drives away preferably. Showing movement/feedback of the model before and after the run is required, and to further enhance the validity of the run, clearly showing the serial number of the GPS unit when navigating within the app before and after the run is highly recommended. As per March 1st 2024, it is required to use the official SkyRC GNSS app (RC Gears), when using app based GPS Units such as the GSM020 alike.

As per 2024, to be featured on the All Time Speed List and win prizes on yearly Speed Lists, full compliance is needed. Full compliance requre a minimum of either two runs or two GPS readings with a variation of 5% or less and the speed results will then be marked with **. This ensures a higher level of consistency and reliability in the data submitted.

If the speed is highlighted blue, it means the run is currently in position to win the prize and competition, as illustrated to the right. 

Please note that the video shall be an uncut and clear representation of the entire GPS Speed Run from start to finish and make sure the GPS unit don't leave the field of view or gets covered up while being handled. 

Speed (kph/mph)


Hull Type Classification


Everything not considered a monohull or catamaran.


A monohull is one V-shaped hull with one keel. 


A catamaran is characterized by a tunnel-shaped monocoque hull featuring two keel lines. When placed on a flat surface, each keel line should make contacts (+-5mm) over a distance of at least 50% of the overall hull length from the rear. 

ARTR Classification

ARTR (Almost Ready to Run) boat must be fully assembled and ready for operation, with the explicit exception that it does not need to include a servo, receiver, transmitter, or batteries as part of the package.

To qualify for the ARTR GPS Speed Lists, the following components are to represent the original/stock setup of a series/mass produced model: motors, speed controllers, power trim (struts/stingers), overall exterior aero-/hydrodynamics, lengths, shapes, and geometries. This allows for “modifications” such as propellers, batteries, blueprinting, connectors, shafts, transmitters, paint schemes, receivers, servos, cap packs, external BEC's, rudders, water pickups, turn fins, trim tabs, water pumps, reinforcements, and flotations, etc. It is important to note that the stock motor placement must remain unchanged to preserve the integrity of the original configuration.

MSRP limit ARTR Mono 1000EUR, limit ARTR Catamaran 1500EUR @ 2020 price index (you can adjust for inflation and currency using

All classes must utilize water-driven propulsion. 

The Validation Process

Every eligible run considered for lists undergoes a thorough review process. An empowered review team, with the mandate to assess compliance, meticulously examines each run with a focus on good sportsmanship and to guard against potential cheating. This approach, driven by principles of impartiality, emphasizes the diligent search for evidence to substantiate compliance rather than an outright dismissal due to compliance issues. The review team is committed to upholding not only the mandate for compliance but also adhering to established guidelines, ensuring that only legitimate and credible runs, supported by evidence, make it onto the respective list(s).

In cases where there is a discrepancy between the perceived speed of the video and the numbers registered on the GPS unit, the review team has the authority to request a second or backup run, with variation between the high readings of 5% or less. By implementing such measures, the review team ensures the accuracy and integrity of the assessment process, reinforcing the trustworthiness of the runs listed on

Video/Audio Requirements

As per 2024, all submissions shall be 1080p (Full HD) or higher. It is recommended to use 2160p (4K) to enhance the chances of meeting compliance standards. Submissions with lower resolution may however still be considered valid if there is substantial evidence of authenticity.

The video must include a clear and unobstructed audio track directly recorded from the camera. 

Guideline for good video quality (step 1-2 is mandetory):

  1. Shoot in High Quality: Use the highest resolution and frame rate settings on the camera, and use landscape rather than portrait orientation.

  2. Transfer: After recording, when using a smart phone, transfer the footage/share the video directly to YouTube or Facebook will be easy and the video quality will be preserved best as possible.

    • When using a dedicated camera, transfer the video files to a computer using a USB cable, or memory card and upload directly to YouTube or Facebook from your browser. 

  3. Edit: If for some reason you need to edit, shorten or post process the video, please use the following export settings according to platform guidelines:
    • YouTube: H.264 or H.265 codec, bitrate of at least 8 Mbps for 1080p, higher for 4K.
    • Facebook: H.264 codec, bitrate of at least 8 Mbps for 1080p, higher for 4K.
  4. Upload: Upload the video to YouTube or Facebook. Platforms will compress it for streaming, but using high-quality source files minimizes quality loss.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your videos are shared on YouTube and Facebook in the best possible quality. Note to always upload directly from recording device, such as phone or action camera, as transfer via messenger, e-mail, sms, chat or similar, often highly reduce the video quality using compression. For ease of single-handed operation, we suggest utilizing a head-mounted action camera like the GoPro Hero 10 or a similar model for optimal results.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

It is of utmost importance that helps portrai a positive good ethical image on the hobby. Therefore below key values are to be respected to take part and be representented on the website. 

  1. Good sportsmanship - Treat everyone with respect, recognizing that we are all part of the same community.
  2. Orderliness - Use language that is fitting and considerate, as you are a representative of, our sponsors, and have the potential to influence others.

Any violation of these key values will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification of submissions.

Runs that are Non-Compliant

There are many fast runs documented on platforms already, and a majority of them are not applicable to these lists, even though they might be just as sincere and true achievements as the once that does. The purpose of is not to devalidate or take away anything from existing runs that do not comply, but rather legitimize gps speed runs, by publishing a set of common guidelines and rules that competitive drivers can choose to follow. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Can I submit two videos for my runs to be qualified for All Time and win prizes?

Yes, absolutely! Submitting two consecutive videos is still acceptable and meets the requirements for participation. However, ensure that there is minimal variation between the two runs of 5% or less.

2. I've been using other apps for my runs. Will my submissions still be considered?

Yes, runs recorded using other apps will continue to be accepted until March 1st 2024. However, after this date, only runs captured using the first-party SkyRC version of our app, "RC Gears," will be eligible to be featured on the lists.

3. Will single-speed results still be acknowledged on the yearly lists?

Yes, single-speed results will still be added to the yearly lists. We value all types of submissions and aim to celebrate achievements across various categories within our community - however, to make your run eligible to win the prize, it needs to have two readings with a variation of 5% or less.

4. Will i be able to board two GPS units and do only one run?

Yes, boarding a second GPS units that show a variation of 5% or less, will meet all criterias, if they are zeroed out and shown on camera in line with existing guidelines.

5. How will prize winners be determined?

To win a prize, runs must meet the criteria outlined in our recent announcement. This includes providing either two consecutive runs or GPS readings with a variation of 5% or less.

6. Will the highest reading still be considered valid?

Yes, the highest reading will continue to be considered valid. We understand the importance of recognizing exceptional performances, and the highest reading will determine the final GPS speed featured on the site.

7. Will changes to guidelines impact current runs listed on the website?

No, only the runs on the current yearly lists will be impacted by changes.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance. We're here to help!