All Time Speed List Speed Lists

For results to qualify for the Speed Lists, guidelines in Best Practice – Valid GPS Speed Runs are to be followed. On any list, one entry per model per driver is allowed (limited to 3 entries per list per driver).

ARTR Catamaran Class

The ARTR Catamaran GPS Speed Class* is a consolidated Top 10 of the fastest ARTR Catamaran GPS Speed Runs ever verified. Specific regulations for this class found below. 

*To qualify for the ARTR GPS Speed Lists, the following components are to represent the original/stock setup of a series/mass produced model: motors, speed controllers, power trim (struts/stingers), overall exterior aero-/hydrodynamics, lengths, shapes, and geometries. This allows for “modifications” such as propellers, batteries, blueprinting, connectors, shafts, transmitters, paint schemes, receivers, servos, cap packs, external BEC's, rudders, water pickups, turn fins, trim tabs, water pumps, reinforcements, and flotations, etc. It is important to note that the stock motor placement must remain unchanged to preserve the integrity of the original configuration.

MSRP limit ARTR Mono 1000EUR, limit ARTR Catamaran 1500EUR @ 2020 price index. 

** The run has been validated twice with either two or more gps units or a backup run with high reading variation of 5% or less.